Height Adjustable Desks

Kids Ergonomics desks have a high quality working surface, with adjustable legs, enable table top height adjustment for kids from age 4 to teens or adults.

A desk should adapt to your child’s requirements to sit comfortably for prolonged periods. That is why the tops of our desks are not only height adjustable (see models DC-104B and DC-104P), but also come with a user friendly tilting function (see model LD-94).

Model LD-94 allows to incline the table top at up to a 16 degree angle and lower slowly and safely.  This unique feature makes model LD-94 perfect for drawing and other arts and crafts.

All desks come with a large utensil drawer under the table top and two hooks for backpacks or accessories. Our desks are perfect for use in both environments where tables are shared, such as at school or in residential homes, or for individual child’s use to fit all their play and study needs.


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